Monday, 10 October 2016

World Mental Health Day & Blogtober16

Today is World Mental Health Day, so I was inspired to write about that alongside my Blogtober challenge.

World Mental Health Day

Issues of mental health are close to my heart. Although it is said to affect 1 in3 people, I don't believe that statistic. Everyone has mental health - whether it is good or bad, and I believe everyone has had dark or anxious times. I would say from my own group of friends that it has affected 4 out of 5 people.

There are many types of mental health issues including PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and personality disorders. Although I believe there has been great progress in some conditions to break the stigma, I still feel a lot needs to be done. It was something I learnt while doing my dissertation. Doctors can treat patients unfairly. The media address them incorrectly or help promote horrible stereotypes such as schizophrenics committing murders. Having said that, there appears to be more understanding for conditions such as anxiety and depression.

There are many ways I could describe depression who hasn't lived it, or how anxiety affects your every being. I'm not sure you'd want to hear it, but here are just a few things that can sum it up in lamest terms:

  • Depression is forgetting everything - from the name of your Doctor that you've seen for months to whether you've brushed your teeth.
  • Depression is not wanting to do basic things like brushing your hair.
  • Depression is wanting to sleep all the time or on the other extreme, having an overactive mind.
  • Worst of all, depression is that voice that doubts everything such as whether friends really care, like you or whether you are good enough.
  • Anxiety and depression come hand in hand.
  • Anxious because you can't get that job; depressed because you have no job.

I was glad to hear of the support that today is getting. With Steven Jordan, Ed Sheeran and James Corden getting involved in the I Am Whole campaign, it aims to "combat stigma and normalise mental health difficulties among young people."

Member of Rizzle Kicks, Steven Jordan said: "The #IAMWHOLE campaign message that 'together we are whole' is so important and I am pleased to be launching it today on World Mental Health Day."

The Royals have even got involved! Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate are taking a ride on the London Eye with young people who have battled psychological problems and been brave enough to share their experiences with others.

Blogtober - One thing you can't live without
So we're 10 days into Blogtober16, and it asks the question of the one thing I can't live without.

I would be tempted to say the obvious survival thing. I couldn't live without water! It is my only healthy habit at the moment. I wouldn't be wrong, and it provides many health benefits that I don't think many people know about.

60% of the body is made up of water. It maintains the body's fluid balance, which helps to transport nutrients in the body, regulate your body temperature, digest food and more.

Some benefits I didn't even know about:

  • Can help with weight
  • Improves mood
  • Helps prevent hangovers
  • Beats bad breath
  • May help to prevent and treat headaches
  • Flushes out toxins
  • Has a major effect on energy levels and brain function
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Helps maximise physical performance
  • Relieves fatique

However without this, I'm not really sure I could narrow it down to one thing, so I've decided to narrow it down to one thing category wise:

I couldn't live without mascara

I couldn't live without Liz Earle skincare set which includes the cleanse, polish and toner.

I couldn't live without my phone. Not because I'm addicted to my phone, but that's where you can check email, find out vital information, call someone in an emergency...

I couldn't live without many favourite foods, but can't last long without having chocolate regularly.

I couldn't live without my mum. It sounds quite pathetic but I feel like she's played many roles in my life - my mother (obviously), the teacher (she showed me how to use certain makeup and how I should be treating my skin - god knows I've needed a lot of advice), the sister (she would tell me if I looked horrible and tease me), my best friend and the first person I've trusted. I hate to imagine my life without her.

Hope you learnt something from the blog today, and I will be keen to hear your thoughts!


  1. It's good to see awareness about mental health! It's so true about someone looking ok on the outside but not on the inside. I have suffered with depression and anxiety and so many people do not understand mental illness is infact very real! xx

    1. Exactly! People learn to put on a mask