Thursday, 25 August 2016

Lost in Southampton

I'm enjoying doing more blogs with a focus on the pictures, so I thought this one could mostly focus on the pictures that I took while in Southampton on Monday.

The funny part is while there, in true Planet Jodie-style I got lost! In my defense, it was only my third occasion going (once was while driving through when moving to the island, and the second was only seeing the train station as I had to go to London for an interview). Before I get told again, I used Google maps the entire way and still got lost. For anyone who hasn't come from the Isle of Wight to Southampton on the ferry, there is a connecting bus that you may get for free. It was completely full so I  tried walking. I had plenty of time to get where I needed to (a full hour to be exact) and Google said I was just over half an hour away. I didn't know the bus numbers that I had to pay, and it was a lovely day, so I thought it was perfect. Plugged my headphones in full blast, walked down the high street and wasn't getting lost for ages (great for me). Then as I got closer, I followed the correct road and then it told me that the destination was right or something but had reached a dead end. It got sorted eventually, but I was late. I hate being late and best of all, I felt gross and sweaty. I drank 2.5 litres of water that day!

However coming back, I decided to enjoy the scenery and get a look into Southampton. I didn't go too far though. My feet were sore! I'm still kind of recovering. Checking my phone, I did almost 16,000 steps before getting the ferry home. Good day for walking.

While visiting, I noticed four zebra statues around the city. Just five minutes from the ferry home, I took a look closer and read that it was for Zany Zebras. It sounds similar to when Aberdeen did the dolphins, and from looking at Facebook, it seems similar to Dundee's new Oor Wullie's Bucket Trail too.

Marwell Zoo is a world renowned charity, who are knowing for their leading work in conservation in the UK and Africa. They previously organised Go! Rhinos in 2013, and due to it's success they chose to do a similar project in the name of Zany Zebras. It is described on the zoo website as a "HUGE family, public art event", which supports their work with endangered Grevy's zebras in the process. If you want to know more about Zany Zebras, feel free to look here.

Aren't they beautiful? These are only two of the 150 zebras dotted around the city. It looks like I'm going to Southampton again next week, so hope to take more pictures and do even more exploring.

The only pictures I had were walking through one of a few parks I saw in the city. Looking around the city, I thought of how to best describe it, and thought it was best to describe it as "London meets Leeds." Not sure if it's an  accurate representation but it had similarities to both cities in my opinion. Most of all, I couldn't get over how clean the pavements were. Yes, a dull observation but couldn't get over it. It was a gorgeous city that I don't think enough people think of visiting.

I have to say my photography skills still need a little work, but I still liked the way it looked despite being out of focus...

I wish I took note of which park I visited or what the statues meant, but there is plenty of time to visit Southampton again and see more. Most of all, I want to go shopping there. It has a mile of shops (maybe longer). I also enjoyed visiting Urban Outfitters briefly. It is one of my favourite shops, and have previously only been to the ones in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I couldn't find the Primark but suspect it wasn't far.

Reading more about the city, I've learnt that it is so long as to start from Town Quay (where the ferry is) to Bargate, later expanding. As the city grew, the area got bigger to reach to the north of the Bargate, into Above Bar Street. The west of the High Street has an area now known as West Quay. It is best known for the West Quay shopping centre. When it was built in 2000, it was the largest city-centre shopping centre in Europe with around 100 shops. The thing I found most interesting was that it was owned by Hammerson, which I knew I'd heard of before. Turns out they also own Aberdeen's Union Square and Victoria Gate in Leeds. Love a bit of trivia!

Got to go now, but I can't wait to learn more about Southampton next week! I will share more pictures if anything interesting comes up.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Famous Bus, Cowes Week & Many Photographs

So I thought about writing a post specific to Cowes Week, but then I realised I don't know enough to start and out of the entire week I only did so much. I saw the Red Arrows; went to Cowes for one of the days, where I had crepes, bought a necklace and listened to some talented live music which I didn't like that much.

However today I learnt is World Photo Day, and as someone who loves to take pictures, I thought it was worth celebrating with a look at the best pictures I've taken (well on this phone that I've had a little over a year).


These are my favourite pictures from the last time I visited Glasgow. The top picture is a beautiful piece of street art, and the bottom is a picture that I loved when I visited the Gallery of Modern Art. If you ever Glasgow, it is a must-see. I've visited twice and feel I never see it all. Beautiful!

Lovely Views

These are some lovely pictures I've taken including the second picture which I took on the ferry from Southampton to Cowes, when I initially moved to the island. I also took a picture of a drone; my Dad's to be exact; it's where he takes better pictures than me. Maybe a love for photographs runs in the family!

Spice Girls Bus

When I was told that the Spice Girls bus was on the island, I knew I had to see it! It was like being 5 again. I loved them when I was a little girl; watched the film (which the bus is from) and even had all the band member dolls. I love them! When I think of 90s, I can't help but think of them. They were powerful women who promoted "girl power". (For full disclosure the two with me and the bus were taken by my Dad)

Barton Manor

These are my favourite pictures taken from a recent fundraising event that I attended in aid of Earl Mountbatten Hospice. For more detail about this, you may wish to read my post here.

Cowes Week

These are my favourite pictures that I took last Friday at Cowes Week. I think it captures it all from seeing the yachts, sailing, food etc.

Red Arrows

Technically this is still part of Cowes Week, but thought the Red Arrows deserved a separate category. I loved it so much that I've done a post about it here. Mostly it is my favourite pictures!


I love animals the most, and although the phrase: "Don't work with children or animals" springs to mind, I adore taking pictures of them. These are my favourites. Granted the sand elephant isn't real, I thought I'd throw it in for good measure! 

Hope you liked the post and hope you can share your favourite pictures today too!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

In my bag

I've been watching a lot of vloggers and reading blogs recently. I've started to love the likes of Zoella, Pointless Blog, Thatcher Joe, Tanya Burr, Marcus Butler and Sprinkle of Glitter. I know it is quite a list, but suppose I might have too much time on my hands. In some of the women's blogs, I noticed they described what is in their bags, and thought I'd include what you typically find in mine! Here goes:

1. My purse - even though there's mostly coins, I couldn't be without it for anywhere I need to go
2. Sunglasses - now that I live in the Isle of Wight, it is usually always bright. Previously I'd always have a brolly for "just in case".
3. Book - I try to always pack some sort of book, but mostly read when on transport links like buses, trains or just before bed. Currently reading The People V. O.J. Simpson: The Run of his Life by Jeffrey Tobbin.
4. Passport - I try to keep it in a bag as I always know where it is then.
5. Tissue - At this time of the year I try to be prepared for when hayfever strikes.
6. Receipts - I always seem to keep things from going to Boots, vouchers or whatever.
7. Makeup - Although I will always pack mascara, eyeliners and foundation when I go out, I almost never reapply makeup. I can't be bothered.
8. Rubbish - There is always something that shouldn't be there. This time there is a contract signed with a recruitment agency. Other bags have things like my report from a failed driving test, packs of gum or painkillers. Always something unessential. Even with a small bag I will stuff rubbish in somehow!

Hope you liked this, and feel free to show me yours!

Monday, 15 August 2016

20 Things that make me happy

I've got a bit of joy to spread because yesterday marked a month of the blog, where I've had 1685 views (at the time of writing this). Long may it continue. In the spirit of numbers, here is a link to my most popular post: Sun, Fundraising and Good News.

Unfortunately I'm not happy all the time, and sometimes I'm not as positive as I wish I could be. I predict that is something that many people experience. Therefore I want to spread lots of positivity with this post with a list of things that I think make me happy:

1. Fundraising

Anyone who knows me will know that this is one of my biggest passions.

2. Meeting up with friends
Granted I don't have any friends on the island yet, and therefore this is not one I can do as often as I used to, it is still a big one.

3. Being greeted by my dogs

My dogs are always happy to see me no matter what! It's amazing to have.

4. Eating italian food

It is my FAVOURITE food to eat. I love pizzas and pasta most.

5. Going somewhere new to explore

I love adventures, but who doesn't?! I like going to new towns, grabbing souveirs and making memories

6. Writing this blog!
I'm glad I've decided to start writing again as I probably haven't written anything like this since I was in college. I've missed writing but not felt inspired for a while.

7. Trying a Indian
I love trying Indian curries (as long as they are mild). Naan bread is my favourite part of eating an Indian meal though!

8. Taking pretty pictures

I'm not always patient in doing so, and will often take many photos with my finger over the lense. However if you wish to see my most recent and the pictures I'm most proud of, check out my last blog here.

9. Doing something new

I'm always looking for something new to challenge myself, and ensure that I can have something to look forward to. Previously I've skydived, bungee jumped and climbed Kilimanjaro. Although I think I have more fear now, and have chickened out abseiling off the Forth Rail Bridge.

10. Watching Netflix in my bed

I love nothing more than sitting under the covers and watching a film or a favourite series on Netflix. Recently I've been binge-watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls. Did I mention that I'm excited for the new series coming out in November? I also watch Pretty Little Liars, Orange is the new Black and House.

11. Getting something in the post

Yes, I am aware that this is pretty sad but I actually love getting mail. I prefer a nice parcel from someone or something nice I've ordered, and even like getting the odd letter. The picture shows the BEST parcel I've received.

12. Going to the cinema
I don't do this often because if I'm honest I think films made are all similar in plots and genre. Although when I do, I love to sit, eat my popcorn and have a nice slush-puppy or something. I tend to buy some of items at the cinema because I don't go that often. In fact I've not been since Easter. The great thing is when I watch a film at the cinema, I actually WATCH it. While at home, I'm doing so many other things - searching for jobs, messaging people on facebook, texting people, checking emails, eating, doing my skin routine, you name it, I do it!

13. Getting kisses and cuddles from my dogs

Similar to number 3, I just love my dogs. Getting to hug them, stroke them and kiss their heads makes me happy.

14. Seeing live music

Unfortunately I don't do this as often as I wish I could, but love going to gigs and festivals. Last year I saw two gigs over one weekend. That was the best! I wish that happened more often...

15. Skpe with friends
This is a recent development after moving from Scotland, and most of my friends living there. I might not see my friends regularly but at least I can talk to them and see their faces. At the same time! Kinda the same...

16. Looking at travel websites
I've only been abroad twice, but am always wanting to visit somewhere abroad. Unfortunately I'm nowhere near able to afford it right now. It is my dream to travel around most of Australia and teach English in China or Thailand. I would love an excuse to walk the Great Wall of China too. Until then I will continue to just dream of it happening!

17. Painting my nails and toes

I'm not that good and often have chips in them after a few hours, but love painting them all the same. It makes me feel prettier, and therefore that inch more confident.

18. Lists
If you've not noticed already, I love lists and live by them! I'm always writing lists of what I want to do with my day. I am always forgetting things and writing them down helps. Writing this post, I've compiled three lists - a list of pictures I wish to add, obviously the list of happy things and my daily to do list.

19. Jewellery

I just love jewellery. I used to get most of my jewellery from markets and fundraising events I'd attended where I could get lovely handmade bracelets and what-not. Now, my collection consists mostly of bracelets, rings and necklaces that have been nicely bought for me.

20. Animals

I love seeing animals. Whether it's cows in a field, going to an animal sanctuary or a well-kept zoo.

I was going to write a list of 50, but who can think of that many? I know there are probably more, but this is as many as I could think of. What are the 20 things that make you happy? I'm sure there are more than you think