Monday, 31 October 2016

Blogtober16 - Happy Halloween!

I'm going to keep this post brief because I don't have a lot to say if truth be told.

I feel like it's controversal to say but I actually dislike Halloween. Apparently I did do trick or treating, but don't remember it. I just remember dressing as a witch every year and hanging out with other family/friends. I might have tried to carve a pumpkin with my Mum and Gran a few times too, but that's as far as it goes.

Why do I not like Halloween?
1. My birthday is the 26th October, so Halloween served as a constant reminder that the presents, kindness, good food, cake and surprises was over.
2. I hate dressing up. I've done my fair share from dressing as a daffodil for Marie Curie to dressing as an easter bunny for my fundraising efforts to climb Kilimanjaro

3. I've never found any horror films that I've enjoyed or that scare me.
4. I don't understand why people want to find ways to be scared.
5. I can't really think of further reasons, but it seems like a pointless event

That being said, I genuinely wish you a "happy halloween" whatever you're doing. I'm guessing the majority of you might have enjoyed it over the weekend. I have friends who love to curl up watching horrors, or dressing up. Just because I don't doesn't mean I can't appreciate why it's popular. It's nice to see kids dressed up or carving pumpkins, which has filled my current facebook feed.

I'm going to try to embrace this occasion watching a few horrors including: Case 39, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, then perhaps Leprechaun, Return of the Living Dead and Poltergeist II. Unfortunately they are the best selection on Netflix, and not seen that much worth seeing on TV. Any better recommendations to be found on TV are much appreciated! Keen to watch something I've not already seen.

What are you doing this halloween?

As this is my final post, I'd like to say thank you to Hex Mum for getting my creative juices flowing. It's been great, but think I will be glad of the break. For those bloggers, who wished to get involved, Hexmum and Me Becoming Mum are doing #AlphaBlogBites this November too. To get involved, you write the following types of posts:

Further rules are available on the Facebook group here. Unfortunately I think this is too much for me to do! I have come across of blog ideas recently that I hope to write, and hope you will enjoy reading! I'm also thinking of taking up another blogging challenge, which I hope more people wish to take part in.#dreamandsparkle is weekly posts displaying positive posts detailing things you are proud of, achievements, milestones, or any type of post that makes you feel good. I hope to do a post every Sunday starting this week, so if I don't blog for a while, it won't be until then.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Blogtober16 - A letter to someone

Today is my penultimate Blogtober post, which asks me to publish a letter to someone. In honesty, I wasn't sure what to do. I'm not in love, so there is no love letter and writing a vengeful letter to an ex isn't me. I thought about one to a family member, but that's a little too personal. Then I thought about writing a letter to one of my heroes, Audrey Hepburn.

I have many printed images of Audrey including this picture, a mug and small dish. I hope to also read the biography written by her son.

She is someone who I greatly admire because of her dedication to charity, her love for her children, her iconic personality and of course the fact she features in some of my favourite films including Sabrina, Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Audrey lived a fascinating life. For instance, she moved to Netherlands after her parents divorced. While she was on holiday in Arnhem, Hitler took over the town. She fell on hard times during the Nazi occupation - suffering depression and malnutrition.She was fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian. This was of great benefit to both her careers as an actress and humanitarian.

Audrey helped in her humanitarian work with UNICEF, and a charity was set up in her name after she died. However, she always wanted to help. She saved the life of her friend, Capuone who attempted suicide on several occasions.

Her legacy continues to live on in her films, advertising (her image continues to be used world-wide), charity work and she is one of 15 actresses to have won Triple Crown of Acting (Oscar, Emmy and Tony awards). She believed in growing old gracefully, and did not follow the fashion of plastic surgery. This is why she chose her last film to be Always in 1989. She did it for the opportunity to work with Spielberg after enjoying watching E.T with her son.

I feel like there is so much more to say about her than that, and so much I feel like you could learn from someone like her. I will leave you with something she said that resonates with me:
"Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it's at the end of your arm. As you get older, remember you have another hand: the first is to help yourself, the second is to help others." 
Anyway, that was a little longer than meant! I have instead decided to write a letter to myself (well for future me).

The Letter

Dear Jodie,

I write to you in the hope that I can insert wisdom. Although I am younger and know you're probably much wiser than me, I know I have the ambition to keep you on track of important goals.

Family life is not something you can control. You can only treasure those relationships you have with close friends, parents and extended family. You can't plan for meeting the right person and marrying them, or having a family of your own. Therefore you can't schedule to have children before 30, but I hope you have. I hope you have found someone who treats you well, and doesn't put you through s**t.

You can control your career and what you do. I hope you pursue that career in fundraising and make a real difference to the lives of others. I hope it's something that you can recognise you do well. I hope you realise what your other talents are, and enjoy being alone. I hope you take those trips to Australia and China. I hope you visit many places, and learn from the journeys you take.

Most of all, I hope you're happy. I don't care whether that means you've not achieved any of the goals you set out. While I write this, you've never had a friend or family member die; you've been lucky in many respects. The worst thing you've experienced is unemployment and a sense of failure from it.

You have spent too much time crying over many things, being upset or feeling bad about yourself. Make sure you surround yourself around people who care, love and treat you right. You will only feel worse around those who can't support you in good times and bad.

Stay happy and healthy. Most of all, take care of those who matter!

Love from,

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Blogtober16 - Three Confessions

I found this post hard because I feel like confessions are something you don't necessarily want to share. They are crimes you might commit, embarrassing stories or stupid things you did as a teen. I think mine sound so dull...

1. I stole sweets
I can't remember how old I was (whether it was before I started high school or after), but I stole chocolate I was getting when I was younger. It's not even a fun story of pier pressure, it's a story stupidity. I went to the tills with a friend to buy other items and put chocolate and something under my arm to keep it all together. Then when I came out, I had forgot what I'd done. In my naivety, I thought I'd get into big trouble for admitting to stealing so ate it. In fairness, this was in the newsagent, where this horrible woman with teeth like a guest from Jeremy Kyle often served me. She always short-changed me. Therefore I probably just got back my money a bit...Just saying!

2. I still can't ride a bike
I have a learning disability called dyspraxia, which doesn't often affect me now that I'm out of school. However it affects my coordination, and means it takes you longer to do particular things like learning to ride a bike. My family tried a few times with multiple bikes, but it didn't click. We even tried again when I was 11, but I hated it and felt embarrassed infront of other kids. Let me know if you might want to know more about the condition in a further blog post.

3. I convinced someone I had a twin
When I started high school, I kept meeting this one girl at breaks and we'd get on really well. Then I'd say something silly, and I started to blame it on my twin. I think I called her Shannon. This girl didn't believe for long, but it was a fun premise to blame your behaviour on someone else.

What confessions would you like to share?

Friday, 28 October 2016

Blogtober16 - Favourite Instagram Photo

OK, I admit it, I don't have Instagram. It's something that I have been wanting to do for a long while, but haven't. In fairness, I fell into Facebook and Twitter; my friends set me up with both and then learnt from them. I contemplated getting Instagram set up in time for this post, but realised I still wouldn't have much to chose from! That's when I decided to pick my favourite facebook picture.

I believe that the best pictures are with those you love and care about. I have many good pictures with my friends, but didn't want to single any out. My mum hates her picture being taken and hates any she sees so thought it would be unfair to include any. I'm also single, so no partner to appreciate (I don't mean that in a bitter "I am single" kind of way). I picked a picture with my oldest dog, Penny.

I'm a bad dog owner because I've not kept many of her puppy pictures due to technology issues. Luckily my parents are better dog parents than me, and have so many. The youngest picture I have of my dog baby is this one with me holding her. This year the stubborn, lazy, greedy little thing turned 7. Where did the time go?

She will always be my puppy in my eyes. I sing to her songs like: "Princess Penelope, Princess Penelope, Princess Penelope I love. Yes, I really do." I also sing to her on walks, kiss her and she moves her face for kisses on her cheeks, head and lips. She is so funny! Penny also lets me put hats, sunglasses and many other things on her for the perfect pictures.

I don't know what else to say...I love this dog so much!

What is your favourite Instagram picture? I'd love to hear the story behind it!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Blogtober16 - Where would I most like to visit?

Not meaning to sound cheesy, but life is one big adventure. It has many straight roads, where things go well and therefore you know it's meant to be, but other times where are lots of twists and things don't go right.

There are many things that make me feel happy such as my friends, parents, dogs, watching old films or something on Netflix, going to see live bands or writing this blog. However, I love doing something new. That could be anything from skydiving, seeing a new museum or going somewhere different.

Travel has always fascinated me. Maybe it's from moving around growing up, and being able to reinvent myself. I could pretend to be less shy and more confident. I would do that until I believed I was more outgoing than  I was.

I've only been abroad twice, which is a truly depressing thought. The last time was two years ago, and from there I vowed to go on holiday once year. Unfortunately for different reasons, I have not, but maybe 2017?! I had an amazing trip where I visited Italy (my favourite place), France, Amsterdam and Germany. Here are a few pictures to sum-up my trip:

Ok, I admit that I wasn't entirely good at taking pictures!

I have a long list of places I wish to explore, but I know I'd be gutted if I didn't get to go to Australia.

I don't know why I want to go so much. Maybe it's because it's basically the other side of the world. Maybe it's because of the interesting animals they have. Maybe it's because it's one of the biggest countries in the world. I honestly can't explain what it is, but I just want to go and know I've done it.

You hear of people going to Australia to skydive, bungee jump or do something adventrous. That doesn't appeal to me. Been there and done it! I don't need to do it somewhere nicer. I am too wimpy to do it again.

However like anywhere I wish to explore the markets, shopping, museums, parks, take in the beautiful views and walks. Most of all, in Australia I want to be one with nature - snorkelling, holding koala bears, daring to see a crocodile and meeting kangaroos. I don't have a set list of things I'd do because I know how vast Australia is. I'd mainly like to go to Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, but not afraid to go and see the outback.

Where would you most like to visit? I love to hear! Most likely give me a longer list of places I wish to see...Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed the post!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Blogtober16 - Alltime Favourite Music

Today marks my birthday, so that's why this post went live at midnight. I hope to keep up my usual birthday traditions - lovely continential breakfast, something fun (visiting the Owl & Monkey Haven on the island) and presents. I can't wait! I will probably post all about it and the importance of birthday and their traditions after blogtober is over.

Today is also the 26th day of blogtober, and asks what are my 10 all-time favourite songs? Unfortunately I think this is too difficult, and feel that it changes upon every year. Instead I thought it would be more fun to include my all-time favourite bands/singers, so here goes (they come in particular order).

This is music that I could listen to time and time again! It is music that I love time and time again, even when time passes.

1. Fall Out Boy

I've loved FOB, since I first listened to them as a teenager. So many favourites from them, and I love them all the more from seeing them live last year.

2. Biffy Clyro

I listen to their albums repeatedly on long travels, during good times and bad. I've listened to their songs countless times. Favourites include Opposites, Pause It And Turn It Up, Glitter & Trauma, Eyelids... I could really go on!

3. Nirvana

Who couldn't include this 90s favourite?  I love their music so much, and it's a damned shame they weren't around longer to create more great songs. There could be much more than Come as you are and Smells like teen spirit. I love 90s music too and often listen to many songs that make me think of growing up such as songs from All Saints, Wheatus and I can't even think of others just now...

4. Foo Fighters

One of my favourites live and have an obvious passion for their art. I love their music so much! Even the old stuff is good to me.

5. Pink

I could listen to her over and over. When I'm cleaning the bathroom or doing anything that requires concentration I listen to her songs. I love songs like Family Portrait, Stupid Girls, U + Ur Hand, Just like a pill, get the party started (that's where my love for her began).

6. Sia

A new favourite, but long may it continue. Sia has been a long unspoken songwriter as well as showcasing some beautiful songs. Her songs are known for their controversial music videos and her inability to show her face on page; it's what make her all the intriguing. She is truly talented!

7. Twenty One Pilots

This is a fairly recent one, but as my recent review of the Blurryface album indicates a lot of their songs mean something to me. To read this review, click here.

8. Eminem

Perhaps the only rap music I've ever truly liked. My name is, Lose Yourself, Stan, Love the way you lie, Berzerk and many other favourites have put a smile to my face or got me humming.

9. Bullet For My Valentine

This is my angry music. I listen to it when I'm in a mood and just need time to think things through. I love the fast music. Favourites include: Tears Don't Fall, 10 Years Today, Cries In Vain, All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) and Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I Do).

10. Gwen Stefani/ No Doubt

I love her cheery voice to her solo songs and wish she'd come out with more music. She evolved from it's my life and many other amazing songs from No Doubt to create Sweet Escape, What You Waiting For? and Cool.

Hope you like my list, some are a bit lame but they make me happy. What is your all-time favourite music? I'd love to hear it! I'm always looking for new things to listen to.

Blogtober16 - What superpower would you most like to have?

I hope you weren't too disappointed yesterday for not taking part in the disney question; I just don't relate to any disney characters and don't think I watched enough of the films that didn't include animals as main characters.My favourite disney films included Lady and the Tramp, The Aristocats and Lion King.

Anyway, day 25 is about superpowers and magic. What superpower would I most like?

I feel like I've contemplated this one a lot. Growing up I loved TV programmes like Bewitched, Charmed, Sabrina, Bernard's Watch and The Queen's Nose. I also loved watching Back to the Future.


There are lots of ace powers I'd like to have such as being invisible, making multiple mes (so I can be in more than one place), being able to move to other places just by using my mind, seeing the future or reading minds. However I think I'd want the ability to change time.

I think the ability to change how things have gone, see if something really happened for the best or prevent hurt that has happened. I'd also make some poor people rich. Maybe tell a homeless person the lottery numbers for that Saturday? I'd like to be able to freeze time so I'm not breaking a sweat to get to work on time, or so I'm not late for the bus. It would really take away some stress if I could rewind time or pause it.

I'm not sure I'd change too much of my life because I believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes I wish I'd passed my driving when I came of legal age, and didn't want it as much. I feel it can only benefit you, as it brings independence and allows me more freedom in job roles.

What do you think? What would your superpower be? I'd be interested to know!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Blogtober16 - Favourite Time of the Year & Why

23 days into blogtober! Today asks what your favourite time of the year is and why.

Unfortunately this is quite a short post as I feel it can be said simply. My favourite time of the year is autumn. I've always loved birthdays and October is my birthday month. You get an extra hour in bed too which is always good! Although admittedly I don't really like halloween, I love the leaves changing and the general feeling around autumn. It means there are nice jumpers and warmer things to wear. It is brighter. I find that it's not yet winter so it's not too cold, and it's not too hot either. That's all I can think to say really.

Tomorrow's post asks what disney character I identify with. Since I don't identify with any and have never been a particularly huge fan of disney, I won't be posting.  I apologise for this, but at least you'll get a day off reading my posts. The next post will be on Tuesday answering what superpower I wish I had.See you later!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Blogtober16 - My Biggest Accomplishment

This blogtober post discusses my biggest accomplishment, and I think I can say without any sort of arrogance that I've been lucky to have quite a few already. At almost the age of 24, I've ticked off a few accomplishments including:
  • Completing a bungee jump for a children's charity
  • Gaining good grades in my GCSEs
  • Going to college
  • Graduating with an honours degree from uni
  • Skydiving for a Scottish animal charity
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro in aid of Childreach International
Sometimes it feels like I am bragging, or being arrogrant, so sometimes I try not to mention it. Some people I know might know I went to Africa, but not why. Apart from this blog, where I feel it's mentioned heaps!

By far, the one that sticks out and has effectively changed my life in more ways than I thought possible (I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true) was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I've visited a few places and ticked off a couple of important goals, but this is way up there. This post will describe my journey getting there, and what positivity the journey has bought to my life.

To get there, I needed to raise £2,500, which I was terrified I would never achieve. I'd done fundraising before but never raised anything close to that. I did it in a variety of ways from promoting my BT Donate page on social media, keeping people informed about what things I was doing to prepare and fundraise and many other things. I think I did 2 or 3 pub crawls, where I shaked my can at drunk punters and told them what I was doing. I also did a street collection in Dundee. I was impressed most of all with the support I got from working at BHS. They donated on my BT donate page, helped organise a quiz night and even hosted a bring and buy sale in the staff room. All stuff not bought were then sold on ebay or donated to local charity shops.

Me at work - doing an easter quiz night

I also organised a date auction around valentine's day, where I sold friends for dates. One friend got sold for £50! I sold a lot of my unwanted belongings on ebay and music magpie. I even organised a race night event with my best friend, Julie who was also climbing Kilimanjaro with me.

I gained a lot from doing it. It was worthwhile as it was my first experience of going abroad, and it was an 8 hour flight! Although I had gone on domestic flights before that, I'd never gone further than London. It also provided me with great sights, including visiting Tanzania town and seeing a little bit of Kenya. I loved being able to meet the children that my fundraising was benefiting in Tanzania. It also gave me something interesting to add to my CV and discuss with potential employers.

From there, I knew I wanted a career in fundraising. It has been difficult to work up the ladder, but know it is something I have a talent at. I will keep trying!

Since climbing Kilimanjaro, I have gone on to hold more events, work for a charity close to my heart, complete a bungee jump on my uni campus, organised a tea party at my house and volunteer for some amazing causes.

Just before my bungee jump...

I even got a certificate to commemorate making the descent. It is means mor to me than my honours degree! I had a new positivity, where I knew I could achieve things.Sometimes I think it might be the only good thing I do.

Here are my favourite photos from the trip!

It feels odd to discuss something you're proud of. Being British means ignorance of your own talents and focusing on the praise of others. That being said I'd love to hear of yours. What is your biggest accomplishment? You probably don't even realise just how amazing you are, so here I am to say you rock!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Blogtober16 - What Am I Afraid Of?

Today is about facing fears, and discussing the things that make me anxious.

As someone who gets anxious often, there are a few things that scare me. Here is a little list of things that particularly frighten me:

1. Wasps

Ever since a distant memory of going on a beach with my Gran, and she got stung when opening a bottle of coke, I've been fearful. I even started to think if I got stung the fear might lessen, but no. It got so much worse. I've jumped infront of cars to avoid them! I know I'm stupid and being idiotic, but I've not got past the fear.

2. Bridges

My fear hasn't always been that bad. I've dealt with it, I just walk extra fast across them. However last June, I decided it would be a good idea to do an abseil off the Forth Rail Bridge. This is when it got worse. I had an anxiety attack coming to the top. Jumping off is usually the hard part. Walking up was where my anxiety hit. Walking over bridges has never been quite the same. I don't even like walking to the other side of train platforms. 

3. Escalators

This fear has only occured in the last few years. It was when my mum told me that her brother got his foot stuck in one of the cracks. I still use them, but I'm extra careful to get on and be nowhere near the cracks. Friends just laugh at me, but generally get scared they'll freeze or stop.

In the last year, I've also noticed a fear of birds. Mostly seagulls. This is due to a hilarious moment of Jodie vs seagull. Seagull wanted sandwich, stood on my head until I gave in and shouted, "Fine, just have it!" No more words than that. Aberdeen seagulls are scary. I can safely say since moving that the fear has lessened. Seagulls aren't as greedy or fat elsewhere!

I can't think of anything else, but I'm sure there is more! Hope you enjoyed my post. What are your fears? Can anyone relate to any of mine?