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Old Diaries - 2009, Part 2

I decided to look further over my souveirs box, and look over my diary. From this, I can't believe what a silly 16-year-old I was. Some entries are just too funny not to share. If you like my blog, you might have already read embarrassing diary entries from a few weeks ago here.

So here goes...

2nd March 2009
"Finally, I had media. After P.E., I felt so icky and hated being around Aidan and Kelsey, but only because I thought I felt that I smelt of B.O. I kept thinking about it - I think I was paranoid. They didn't seem to notice, but they may have thought it! How annoying is that? I was proud in Media though because I found out that I was like 2 marks off an overall mark of a B."

Some of this makes little sense, but I can't deny how funny it is. To me at least.

4th March 2009
"Lessons went well. Media was funny - it always is with Kelsey and Aidan combined. Aidan prodded me in the eye (accidentally) and it managed to send me in hysterics - it hurt at the same time as making me unable to stop laughing. I had no attention in science because I really can't be bothered. Finished bouncing ball coursework though."

This doesn't make sense in parts either, but...bouncing ball coursework? WHAT?

3rd April 2009
"Today I used my debit card for the first time. It was a great experience. I know it's just a card, but it made me feel more grown-up. It made me feel more independent and like I'm handling my money in my own way. I like that. The way my parents give me money to get what I like seems shameful. I want to stand on my own two feet and be able to do things by myself. It would be nice to have a job and pay for the things I need - without them  doing so."

6th April 2009
"I've been trying to read Lord of the Flies, so I can finish it by the end of the week. I don't think I will though. I'm a very slow reader, but I am determined. When you're determined you can do anything!"


8th April 2009
"I can't stop thinking about the dream I had last night: I had moved house and lived in a countryside. There was a sea not far, where a killer whale lived. Black and white print. It was a danger that mentioned when I met our neighbours (it was all very close-knit in that department). The problem was a whale bit me and I had scarring all around my mouth. It was horrendous, but I learnt to be happy with myself. I learnt to accept my imperfections and I know it wasn't real, but I can't help thinking: 'Why can't I stop caring about what others think? Why can't I accept myself ? Warts and all!'"

My dreams aren't any less weirder. I've dreamt about a street of people in different jeans and not able to see their faces. I've dreamt of giving birth to a labrador; I think that was weirdest.

24th April 2009
"Girls Aloud was amazing tonight...It felt so surreal in my fresh experimental environment. I was up high and it seemed so scary at first. Girls Aloud did so much  - dancing, singing and spectacular stunts. It was a long enough wait. The support acts weren't too bad. They did need to ditch the crap dance routines though. Some of the routines frightened me senseless...I bought a programme and laminate necklace for souveirs. I'm proper thrilled at the thought of putting it into my scrapbook, so I remember for life."

My first ever concert and it was a great experience. I'm kind of embarrassed to have loved Girls Aloud.

23rd May 2009
"I stayed up to watch the film version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It wasn't too good; mainly due to the fact that it was old and created in the year I was born. It had Hilary Swank in before she was famous and others that I didn't recognise."

I find this so funny since some of my favourite films are old including Breakfast at Tiffany's.

2nd June 2009
"The heat is suffocating. I'm too hot with even a t-shirt and can't wait to get home, so I can strip off my clothes to be frank"

I can guarantee it wasn't as hot as living on the island, where the fan is almost always on. Even when it rains it is kinda hot and often sweating from doing very little!

26th June 2009
"I started the day by waking up to no parents. I ate 2 bowls of cereal to discover that they had gone plant shopping. Mum and Dad expected me to get dead excited about plants. Why? Mum knows I have no interest in gardening, don't care and why ask?"

I didn't know I could be so self-absorbed. I still love my two bowls of cereal but try to save one so I can have it for my supper instead.

15th August 2009
The rest of my entries seem to be written in bullet points, which is harder to find the funny stuff, so my final post isn't as funny, but I thought I'd include this post anyway:

  • Woke up at 10ish
  • Glad to get my cartoon that I bought. Cheered me up [Ronnie from Porridge]
  • Got showered
  • Enjoyed Penny [my dog was a puppy]
  • Penny had her first walk in a place called...[no idea why I didn't complete this]
  • Tried a deep fried mars bar. I was pleasantly surprised
  • Enjoyed 3 Only Fools and Horses, French & Saunders best bits and 2 Criminal Minds. I hope I haven't missed anything
  • Hope to get called by Gino's soon for details of starting work [forgot about working there - horrendous]
  • Penny has started chewing on the coffee table
  • Dad got us a lovely new rug in the lounge
  • Not long before results where I'm excited to know, but then I have no findng out the results [waiting for GCSE results, where my best marks included 3As, 2Bs and 3Cs. Not bad]
  • Penny cried at around midnight
  • Wrote a bit towards the letter I hope to send to Roseanna until the pen ran out that is [after moving to Aberdeen, me and my best friend, Roseanna at the time decided to keep in touch with occasional letters as well as the usual Facebook, email and text.]

Hope you liked this. Has anyone else got any embarrassing and funny diary entries to share?

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