Saturday, 6 August 2016

27 reasons I'd rather be an OAP right now

For a bit of full, I've written a bit of a list of things that I think will make growing old - great!

1. You've made your mistakes and not much that young people do will shock you (you've seen it all before).
2. The bus pass! Of course the bus pass. The best thing about turning 60 after enduring menopause, wrinkling and everything sagging... travel can be so expensive, and now you have a cop out.
3. You don't need to work unless you want to.
4. Your children are grown up, so you no longer need to "parent". What they do is up to them at this stage! They have their own children.
5. Nobody cares what you look like. Nobody ever says: "Ew, look at that ugly old lady" or "That is one fat old lady!"
6. You can travel whenever you want with no obligations.
7. It is your family's job to look after you instead.
8. Your mortgage is likely to be paid off.
9. Every wrinkle, scar, freckle, tattoo or mark on your body has a story.
10. You don't need to be a slave to fashion and likely to know what suits you best.
11. You're an encyclopedia of knowledge.
12. You don't need to worry about being 'cool' and can be your true self. 
13. The friends you have you've had for years, and stay loyal.
14. You're not likely to be made a fool of.
15. If you want to slob in your pjs all day, you don't have parents to tell you not to (your kids might, but how will they stop you?) 
16. You are likely to know the healthy habits you enjoy.
17. The young people you know come to you for advice and wisdom.
18. You've seen your fair share of good and happy occasions including weddings, births and parties.
19. You will have taken risks in your youth that you don't need to do anymore.
20. You will have the best life stories to tell.
21. You can spoil your grandchildren and babysit when you choose.
22. You have no issue with spending your money. YOLO and all!
23. From going to many restaurants in your life, you probably by now which are the right knives, forks or spoons to use.
24. You'll have many achievements to reflect on.
25. Your bucket list will be shorter than a list of over 300.
26. You know what is important.
27. You make your own rules.

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