Monday, 1 August 2016

Selfies and a tad of eyeshadow

I'm not a big fan of the selfie. In fact I would go as far as saying that 99.9% pictures of myself are either with a friend, family member or animal. Those that don't are for special occasions such as my graduation or holidays. Although I must admit those holiday pictures suck too. I will show you those at the end if I can put you through that! Only now am I taking selfies as a way to convey the different eyeshadow looks I've got from a lovely eyeshadow palette my friend got me.

For a long while, I've stopped wearing eyeshadows except for the rare occasions that I can be bothered. However with the fact that I'm so pale...I can't help, but think my eyes have an air of Donald Trump about them. By this, I mean to this day I have not found the foundation for me. It's always too dark, so I can only hope for a match that is a light orange. Is it me that thinks they are all just different shades of yellow? Or if they do suit they make my skin come out in spots, dry my skin out  or is just itchy. Maybe I'm too fussy! However to make my skin not look too bad, I put foundation on my eyelids when not wearing eyeshadow which is often a daily occurence. Because it doesn't need as much coverage, I think it can look white by comparison, and that's why I say I have the "Donald Trump effect". You know the orange face and white rings round the eyes. Here is the visual (I hope it's not quite as obvious)...

Now that I've shown you a picture of a detestable man (who is not just racist, but an arrogant, egotistic and selfish businessman who has moved people out of their homes just to build a golf course), I take you back to the subject of eyeshadows before I go into an inappropriate political rant!

I fell in love with the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette in Iconic 2. I'm so thankful for my friend who gave it me in a wee package of items as you might remember from my post here.

As any woman who gets something new will tell you, you test ALL the shades! At initial look, I thought it would only be neutral or gold colours to use. Don't be fooled, I was happy by this; however, I am more happy that with a mix of different shades it can be more than the metallic or natural look. Here are pictures of some of my favourite looks.

As I have green eyes, I also tested darker shades in the palette, as I believed they had a plum look to them. I know that plum suits green eyes. However it was just too dark. In true Jodie style, I tested this colour when I was getting ready for an interview. It was dark, my mother even commented and had to correct it!

Eye primer is meant to be essential if you wear eyeshadow, but because I don't wear it, I don't have one. I don't even know which the best ones are. Instead I used the primer by NYX that I've been trying (maybe I will review that soon). I think it still works. With darker shades, I think it stays despite me being someone who picks off my mascara a lot throughout the day. With the lighter colours, I photographed it and noticed it fades a little but still stays put. Here is the picture taken shortly after it was put on:

And here is a picture shortly after I was ready to take off my makeup:

Admittedly, I haven't tried the truly neutral shades, but think it would be nice to have. Thanks Lisa!

This is where my blog post ends, but I did admit that I would include some bad selfies from holidays and graduation. However if this bores you, I won't be offended. I give you enough notice to skip the frankly embarrassing pictures... I think the first picture is the best selfie I've taken. No double chin, no visible huge spot and even my eyebrows look ok. It is also hard to master the smile while avoiding a thumb or missing the shot.

Me before putting on my graduation gown. I can't believe I took this with the mess in my room

Got to love that expression!

Enjoying pizza in Florence. Granted this was taken by someone else!

Somewhere in Italy. A typical picture for me with the double-chin!

When in Venice, you have to take a gondola selfie. This one isn't too bad though.

I think this was taken in St Goar. Not sure. So out of focus above other things!

Another wonderful out of focus picture on the bus of my tour in 2014.

The worst of the bunch. Since you can't take pictures in Anne Frank house (and it's the best place I've been), I wanted one as I leaving. Shame about the lighting. I had to take a picture with one of the bravest teenagers in history though! Anne Frank's diary is probably one of the few publications I've read more than once when growing up.

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