Monday, 15 August 2016

20 Things that make me happy

I've got a bit of joy to spread because yesterday marked a month of the blog, where I've had 1685 views (at the time of writing this). Long may it continue. In the spirit of numbers, here is a link to my most popular post: Sun, Fundraising and Good News.

Unfortunately I'm not happy all the time, and sometimes I'm not as positive as I wish I could be. I predict that is something that many people experience. Therefore I want to spread lots of positivity with this post with a list of things that I think make me happy:

1. Fundraising

Anyone who knows me will know that this is one of my biggest passions.

2. Meeting up with friends
Granted I don't have any friends on the island yet, and therefore this is not one I can do as often as I used to, it is still a big one.

3. Being greeted by my dogs

My dogs are always happy to see me no matter what! It's amazing to have.

4. Eating italian food

It is my FAVOURITE food to eat. I love pizzas and pasta most.

5. Going somewhere new to explore

I love adventures, but who doesn't?! I like going to new towns, grabbing souveirs and making memories

6. Writing this blog!
I'm glad I've decided to start writing again as I probably haven't written anything like this since I was in college. I've missed writing but not felt inspired for a while.

7. Trying a Indian
I love trying Indian curries (as long as they are mild). Naan bread is my favourite part of eating an Indian meal though!

8. Taking pretty pictures

I'm not always patient in doing so, and will often take many photos with my finger over the lense. However if you wish to see my most recent and the pictures I'm most proud of, check out my last blog here.

9. Doing something new

I'm always looking for something new to challenge myself, and ensure that I can have something to look forward to. Previously I've skydived, bungee jumped and climbed Kilimanjaro. Although I think I have more fear now, and have chickened out abseiling off the Forth Rail Bridge.

10. Watching Netflix in my bed

I love nothing more than sitting under the covers and watching a film or a favourite series on Netflix. Recently I've been binge-watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls. Did I mention that I'm excited for the new series coming out in November? I also watch Pretty Little Liars, Orange is the new Black and House.

11. Getting something in the post

Yes, I am aware that this is pretty sad but I actually love getting mail. I prefer a nice parcel from someone or something nice I've ordered, and even like getting the odd letter. The picture shows the BEST parcel I've received.

12. Going to the cinema
I don't do this often because if I'm honest I think films made are all similar in plots and genre. Although when I do, I love to sit, eat my popcorn and have a nice slush-puppy or something. I tend to buy some of items at the cinema because I don't go that often. In fact I've not been since Easter. The great thing is when I watch a film at the cinema, I actually WATCH it. While at home, I'm doing so many other things - searching for jobs, messaging people on facebook, texting people, checking emails, eating, doing my skin routine, you name it, I do it!

13. Getting kisses and cuddles from my dogs

Similar to number 3, I just love my dogs. Getting to hug them, stroke them and kiss their heads makes me happy.

14. Seeing live music

Unfortunately I don't do this as often as I wish I could, but love going to gigs and festivals. Last year I saw two gigs over one weekend. That was the best! I wish that happened more often...

15. Skpe with friends
This is a recent development after moving from Scotland, and most of my friends living there. I might not see my friends regularly but at least I can talk to them and see their faces. At the same time! Kinda the same...

16. Looking at travel websites
I've only been abroad twice, but am always wanting to visit somewhere abroad. Unfortunately I'm nowhere near able to afford it right now. It is my dream to travel around most of Australia and teach English in China or Thailand. I would love an excuse to walk the Great Wall of China too. Until then I will continue to just dream of it happening!

17. Painting my nails and toes

I'm not that good and often have chips in them after a few hours, but love painting them all the same. It makes me feel prettier, and therefore that inch more confident.

18. Lists
If you've not noticed already, I love lists and live by them! I'm always writing lists of what I want to do with my day. I am always forgetting things and writing them down helps. Writing this post, I've compiled three lists - a list of pictures I wish to add, obviously the list of happy things and my daily to do list.

19. Jewellery

I just love jewellery. I used to get most of my jewellery from markets and fundraising events I'd attended where I could get lovely handmade bracelets and what-not. Now, my collection consists mostly of bracelets, rings and necklaces that have been nicely bought for me.

20. Animals

I love seeing animals. Whether it's cows in a field, going to an animal sanctuary or a well-kept zoo.

I was going to write a list of 50, but who can think of that many? I know there are probably more, but this is as many as I could think of. What are the 20 things that make you happy? I'm sure there are more than you think


  1. I love seeing live music too - I'm off to see Adele at Wembley this year and can't wait! x

    1. Ooh she'll be amazing to see! I just missed out on getting Ed Sheeran tickets today 😟 not sure who ever I fancy seeing yet! X

  2. I couldn't agree with #2,3,5, and 9 more! I'm always up for a new adventure.

    1. Yeah think a few of these will apply to other people x

  3. This is a lovely list and it wonderful to have so many things that make you happy. #3 and #13 definitely make me happy as well.

    1. Animals are always so happy and give you so much love x

  4. I love watching Netflix in bed, especially when it's cold out, i feel all nice and cozy x

    1. Good feeling - the small things make me happy 😊 x

  5. Indian is my favourite cuisine! If you are ever in London I recommend Needos or Dishoom!

    1. Ooh will have to keep a note of that! X

  6. Being greeted by my cats is an amazing feeling, much like dogs they come running over when I get in from work x

    1. Had cats before and although I don't now, I wouldn't say I'm a dog or cat person. However I think I had snobby cats who never came to me haha x

  7. I have to agree, eating italian food always makes me happy! xo

    1. It is lovely. Having nutella pizza in Italy was a huge highlight x

  8. There's lots of things which make me happy, seeing my family and friends happy, lighting a new candle, baking and having it come out perfectly etc x

    1. It's important to do those things :) x