Thursday, 4 August 2016

New hair don't care!

I've already flaunted my new hair, but I thought it was time to kind of review it.

Getting your hair done is a big thing for women. I've known some women to cry after having their locks chopped. Luckily I've never experienced that, and hope I never will. My hair has never been excessively long or shorter than a bob in length. I always think hair grows, so worse comes to the worse it'll sort itself out. Don't get me wrong I've had bad haircuts. While at college, I got my hair on the cheap by a trainee hairdresser and it was great. When I went back, I got a girl who took a ridiculously long time to then cut my fringe way too short. That grew in about two weeks though, so I couldn't get too annoyed!

I'm not someone who uses a lot of hair products either; mainly because I don't know too much about what you're "meant" to be doing. I only do the bare-essentials - shampoo, conditioner, maybe heat protection when straightening my hair. I've recently started to enjoy Philip Kingsley's Elasticiser, which was used by one of my heroes, Audrey Hepburn. It is cheapest to buy in bulk which I would suggest getting from Feel Unique. The main point to use is I don't use hairspray, many hair treatments or know if I need to do much else. I no longer use expensive hair products and rely on Tresemme. I used to use the latest salon shampoos and conditioners, but think they cost too much and all you're really paying for is the fragrance. I'm sure someone will tell me I'm wrong!

When I went to get my hair done, it looked flat, dull and was just not well-looked-after. I hadn't had it done since January, so I think nobody's hair would have been entirely great. However I left feeling truly beautiful. I've never had my hair done and felt so confident. Unfortunately I don't have a before picture, but the marvellous after picture is above.

My mum has been using the same hairdresser, Chelsea and has been singing her praises (is that the phrase?), but I thought she might be overexaggerating. She is the same age as me, but is truly talented at what she does. Chelsea knows what she is talking about when advising people about what to do, and I would trust her advice. She curled my hair which was fantastic because I can't do it.

The hairdressers is right by the Red Funnel in Cowes. K&H Hairdressing is well decorated, but very simple too. I loved the smell of the shampoo there. I think it was Tigi. Not sure! I think my hairdresser, Chelsea is an asset there. While there, I didn't see anyone else who could do colour. I was interested to see that holidaymakers from places like London visited there. It must be cheaper than London prices I suppose. I paid £100 for my cut, colour and blowdry.

Since having it done, here are a few of the styles I've had. I will try to experiment and curl it myself, and keep you posted.

Thinking of describing my fast skincare regime, but time will tell if I enjoy writing more beauty blogs. Let me know what you think.

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