Saturday, 15 October 2016

Blogtober16 - Timeline of my day

I love routines, knowing a plan and having something to do. Unfortunately I only work two days a week - Saturday and Sunday, so sometimes no day is typical of today:

Grumpy and Crazy! (Penny left and Skye on the right)

  • 4.40am - One dog wakes me up, and decides to scratch my bedroom door. When I open it, she wags her tail and tries to jump on the bed until I lift her. I get back into bed, half asleep and then she gets right in my face and stares me. Then curls up really close to me and starts snoring. It would be cute if she didn't snore like a tractor!
  • 5.10am - Alarm goes off and start to get ready. Cleanse, polish, tone and moisturise with Liz Earle, and go downstairs. Then I watch a little ITV player, go grab some cereal and pint of water.
  • 5.30am - Second alarm goes off. I put makeup on - liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner,mascara, concealer, foundation and bronzer. 
  • 5.45am - Third alarm goes off. Finish my makeup, get clothes to get dressed.
  • 6.00am - Fourth alarm - rush around getting dressed, tidying and getting stuff together.
  • 6.10am - Fifth and final alarm. I don't even know!
  • 6.17am - Leave for work and run my way there.
  • 6.30am - Start work
  • 9.45am - Morning break. I go to post office with three parcels I've sold on ebay. Then I get cash to use in machine at work to get food. Unfortunately the new five pound notes weren't working for the machine, and cheap me got worried I'd lost my fiver! When that was finally sorted I managed to sit for ten minutes of my thirty minute break and have a monster drink. It's my favourite drink for early morning starts on a Saturday! I can't feel bad though as I don't drink much caffeine.
  • 1.45pm - finish work. I was meant to finish at 1.30, but somehow got stuck doing a few more things. I was starving for lunch at this stage!
  • 2.00pm -Home. I let the dogs out and got changed out of my uniform.
  • 3.00pm - Have my lunch. Some sort of lasagne ready meal. Yum!
  • 3.30pm - Put on film, Love Happens and start wrapping more ebay items ready to take to post office on Monday.
  • 4.30pm - Continue to write this blog
I'm not sure what the rest of the day goes, but I usually: draft some posts for this blog, check email and social media notifications, do any tasks/errands, watch television with the parents and message friends. Nothing exciting! If I've not crashed from lack of sleep, I then watch a film on Netflix. I never sleep well on Fridays, but usually get at least five hours sleep. Not last night! I felt like everything I turned over, I was woken up by my dog stirring on the bed and then the other obviously woke me. I hope tonight is better! 

Hope you sleep well, and are having a better weekend than me!


  1. My wee pooch has a developed this great habbit of waking me up at 0340! They are wee menances arent they? #BLogtober16

    1. Nightmare more like! Glad to see someone else doing blogtober, I will definitely check it out

  2. I don't have a pup to wake me up, but recent weeks have been exhausting. Lack of sleep, busy days and trying to keep up with my blog have taken its toll. This weekend is now only about relaxing.

    1. Sometimes it is just nice to get the time to relax though?