Monday, 17 October 2016

Blogtober16 - Favourite Concert

I've seen quite a few concerts/gigs (not as many as I wish I had), but not sure I could eliminate my favourite.

My first gig was Girls Aloud. It was in Manchester and think one of the first of their tours. They were a good first concert because there was glamour, dancing and singing. It was also noted as the last tour before they split. Cheryl then went solo and many of the girls had their own individual successes. I must admit that I went off them due to the performance. While some were good, Sarah Harding screamed. It was like hearing a cat. It's no wonder she didn't go solo! That gig was rumoured to be the time that Cheryl got stage fright hence them getting on stage after 9pm.

From there, my favourites to see have been Wheatus, Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy, Beyonce, Friendly Fires, Biffy Clyro... It's important to note that from every gig or festival I aim to collect programmes (if not I get a T-shirt) and keep the tickets and/or wristband. I'm a big souvenir hunter or collector, which ever term suits.

Fair enough I saw both Foo Fighters and Beyonce at T in the Park, but they were both incredible. I'd always been a fan of both. However while my love for Foo Fighters intensified, my love for Beyonce faded. She was amazing, and couldn't be faulted for her performance but somehow I've gone off her style of music. I'd still dance to all her songs with Beyonce booty shaking style if her song came on while I was drunk, but I'd no longer describe myself as a fan as such. Foo Fighters loved being there and had amazing stage presence. I think Dave Grohl actually outstayed his arranged slot. He played all my favourites and I just loved it! It was a great end to the weekend.

Also while at T in the Park, I saw Friendly Fires but was probably too drunk/hungover to remember it. However I saw them live a few months later. It was the first time I went to Glasgow too! I love them so much, I even have their song lyrics on my back.See yesterday's post to see the tattoo I got.

It sounds really bad, but I spent more time getting annoyed with the crowd jamming situation than enjoying the gig of Biffy Clyro. It was the time when I believe I went with the most set of friends - my friend, Lisa (and about 4/5 of her friends), Stacey (and a whole heap of her friends), Hannah and Suzanne. Somehow it ended up being me, Hannah and Suzanne as we lost everyone else and we had the most annoying girls around us. I remember Biffy Clyro being great, but would do anything to see them again. This time I would actually hope to remember it properly!

About this time last year, I saw my favourite band as a teenager, Fall Out Boy. I even got the T-shirt. Every song sounded like when it had been recorded. They were just how I imagined. They played all my favourite songs which is almost every one they've released! I didn't sense much excitement from them, but I believe it was the first gig in the UK and they could have been a bit jetlagged. Pete Wentz got very deep on stage.

The same weekend I saw FOB, I saw my nostalgic favourite, Wheatus. They were a big surprise to me. I didn't expect them to be quite so good. I went almost as a joke and couldn't believe how cheap the tickets were. How often do you get gig tickets for well-known bands for under £20? I only went to hear Teenage Dirtbag, but realised I heard more of their songs than I knew. I loved them! Best of all, they seemed happy to be there. They still loved their music and said how lucky they were to still being doing what they enjoy. I would definitely want to see Wheatus again and recommend to anyone!

I'm not one to take pictures at concerts, so don't have anything to accompany this post, so I apologise.

So in conclusion, there is no "one favourite". I've been lucky to see some amazing acts, and aim that next year I will see at least 3 gigs live instead of the pitiful one of this year!

Anyway, what has been your favourite gig? I'd love to hear!


  1. Ive only ever been to 2 concerts in my life. One was Fabulous (The Rapper) and the other Rhianna, which was actually this year.
    I had so much fun at both. I would defiantly LOVE to go to a Beyonce one, one day! Crowed jamming is so annoying uggh.
    Great post hun
    Charlotte x

    1. I had friends who saw Rhianna, I bet she's a great performer. Crowd jamming does put me off. Thank you I appreciate those kind words x

  2. Sounds like you've been to some great gigs. I haven't been to any in a while.

    1. Going to gigs make me so happy, it's generally a good atmosphere. My ex used to hate going to them so I didn't go to as many as I'd like to, so trying to get into them again!

  3. Some great concerts, Biffy Clyro are always amazing, and FOB are great live x