Friday, 7 October 2016

Blogtober16 - first of many

I was going to write some posts about my recent visit to Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen, but that's going to have to wait. Looking at other blog posts has given me a bit of inspiration...

I came across the blog of Hex Mum Blog, where I heard about Blogtober. This is a great challenge for bloggers to take part in where any blogger can take part. You write specific posts for 31 days of October. Click the link to the Hex Mum Blog for details of what you have to discuss in the posts. Unfortunately I only saw this a few days ago, and therefore I wasn't able to start on the 1st October. Instead I decided to combine the posts I've missed for the first 7 days, and get a good start to this. After all, October is one of my favourite months (mainly due to it being my birthday month).

1. Who are you?
I feel like I must have explained this already, but I will write a wee bit!

I'm a 23 year old turning 24 at the end of the month, who has recently moved to the Isle of Wight having lived in many places across the UK. Although I was born in Manchester, I've also lived in Yorkshire, Whitley Bay, Aberdeen, Stonehaven, Dundee and now the Isle of Wight.

My main passions are fundraising, attending live music events (even though I've only seen Fatherson this year), writing, reading and watching the latest thing on Netflix. Anything you want to know about me you can pick up from the blog or just comment and ask!

2. An old photo of you

This is a baby photo I found which made me laugh. Ever the dictator!

3. If I won the lottery...
How much do you get when you win the lottery? I'm not sure, so I will base this on getting a  million.

The first thing I'd do if I won any money would be to go travelling to Australia, work abroad for a bit (not that I'd necessarily need to with the money), buy a property to rent out while I'm away and then decide how to properly spend my money.

My three main dreams in life are to travel to Australia, teach in China and have a family of my own. Therefore I would make sure I could do these - buying a house of my own, helping friends and family where I could (and which would not feel like I  was showing off my money).I'd also founder my own charity, not sure what the cause would be though as too many are close to my heart; it's likely to be a health charity.

Most of all, I wouldn't tell anyone or publicise my fortune. I wouldn't want anyone to treat me differently.

4. Share a secret about yourself
A secret about myself? I don't tend to have secrets, just things I might not flaunt...

I have dealt with having trichotillomania since I was 15/16. It basically means that at times I have a compulsion to pull our the hairs of my eyebrows and eyelashes. It hasn't affected the hair on my head, luckily.

5. What career did you plan as a child?
I remember wanting to be a doctor or vet at some stage, but that's all I can really remember. Therefore I needed confirmation from the mother...

Apparently I always wanted to be a writer. I must have been a weird child!

I did go on to college with the intentions of being a journalist to be fair, but realised I might be too nice and not have the ruthless edge you need.

6. Favourite christmas/ birthday present ever
I remember feeling lucky every year whether it was my birthday or christmas. The only thing that has stuck out for me over the year is getting Spice Girls barbie dolls. I loved the Spice Girls! I remember appreciating that it wasn't something my mum could afford at the time, and saying I would be happy with just Baby Spice. Despite this, my mother got me all five dolls. My uncle said I had to play with them in their boxes as they'd be worth something one day. My mum laughed at him and got them out the boxes! 

7. What made you start blogging?

Being unemployed and bored made me think of ways to entertain myself that cost nothing. For years, my friend, Hannah has tried to encourage me to write, but I've not felt anything specific that I've wanted to write about. Therefore I would describe this as a strict "lifestyle" blog with subjects including travel plans, film reviews, book reviews, general musings etc. I always thought each post had to be similar like beauty blogs, but I don't feel like I have enough expertise there!

Hope you enjoyed the first of my blogtober posts, 7 down - 24 more posts to complete! Feel free to take part...


  1. This is a great post! I have always loved the Isle of Wight and used to go on holiday there as a child! Also..I never knew the pulling eyelashes out was a thing! I do that all the time when I get nervous! x

  2. I love these posts where to get to know a little bit more about the person behind the blog x

  3. Great post, I love getting to know more about people - probably because I'm nosy haha! xo