Monday, 18 July 2016

Old diary entries - 2009

I was looking over old diary entries, and find them so funny. Just for a laugh I thought I'd share extracts of the funniest ones. I have to say glad my writing has improved as couldn't understand some of what was said...

5th January 2009
"I knew my eyes looked fab because I paid enough attention, but since developing so many spots, I'm very self-conscious...I noticed after being late and checking a mirror that I applied over-the-top amount of foundation. I looked orange. Jodie was not impressed."

Not much of this entry makes sense, and I was never good with grammar. This was when I liked referring to myself in third person too!

19th January 2009
"In P.E., we chatted, revised (Roseanna educated me; she's a good teacher because now I feel a little more prepared for media) and laughed. Beth was funny. She reminded me of the time she fell out with Josh after he killed bob-osaurus. He ripped off his head and never forgave Josh completely. The funniest is she is deadly serious and because of it, she never gave him the drawing of Josh-osaurus for him. On the back of it, it says something like "I was going to give this out of kindness until you killed Bob! I have missed Beth. There's not anyone who can make me laugh so hard."

Beth was a great friend, who I lost touch with after moving. She used to draw dinosaurs. She drew me a jodie-saurus for my birthday that year which I loved.

25th January 2009
"Today was ace; Roseanna came round and we had so much fun. I tried poptarts. The first two were crap, but after trying the next ones they were yummy. Another wonderful american food! I also love oreos and actually haven't had them in a while. I miss them. Enough about food: me and Roseanna did a lot of good stuff.

We went on msn, myspace and watched Gilmore Girls (she even took  my boxset - I hope she loves it too). We also went out - saw the peaceful river, danced around (well I did - she just laughed), drank pop, she got hyper at one stage (as usual) and even choked on...bru, visited morrisons, where I got vogue and pop tarts (I had to try them)."

Roseanna was my best friend through most of primary school and all through secondary school. We used to hang out a lot. I've not had pop tarts since then, but still love oreos!

26th January 2009
"I want crutches. Emma wore some. I tried them out, but people laughed. They said I looked funny because I couldn't walk in them. I've decided I'm falling down the stairs tonight! Mum won't push me, so it's my only option. I want crutches."

No idea what was going through my dumb head when I wrote this!

30th January 2009
"Roseanna text me. She apparently got her english mocks. It sounded like she did well. Of course she wasn't happy. I'm glad I wasn't there. It would be scary to see my paper or know how I did. I don't want to know. Rather die. Well maybe not, but really don't want to know. I can basically guess. I did proper crap."

I don't know why I was dramatic. I put it down to being ill and off school that day, and obviously feeling sorry for myself.

3rd February 2009
"Today was my last day off. Still snowing, so I took advantage by ticking another ambition off; run barefoot in the snow - for something so cold, it was so fun."

2009 was when I started to write a bucket list, and added some silly stuff as well as the obvious travel, career and obvious aspirations. Don't know why I added this to my list though! No wonder I had a cough and cold if I did stupid things like this...

4th February 2009
"Today I thought it would be better at school. It seems that I forgot how shit school was. It started with science - the worst; it felt like a day had passed by the time was over. So dull. I felt bad for Roseanna; I couldn't help, but complain though. Science is my idea of hell and especially this lesson. It was so boring - copying off the board and answering questions. Shit. It's normally shit and I didn't think it could have got worse."

I really hated science. I had to do double science at school, which meant doing it every day. Nothing they did in science would interest me. Even experiments bored me!

14th February 2009
"Today was actually kind of fantastic. It was valentine's day, but it wasn't shit (honest). We (mme and parents) went to Stockton, and it was great - I got Of Mice & Men, Gilmore Girls Series 2, grey cardy, sweets, irn bru, and was also allowed to see some fab shops (H&M, River Island, New Look, WHSmith and HMV). I kind of felt sorry for Dad though; he didn't go in any shops he liked, but he was amazingly patient. I think Mum and I were lucky in that instance...

We came back and watched six nations - Wales Vs England and Wales won. I'm surprised Dad didn't cry. He said they did well though. At least he's positive."

Always fun having a parent shout at the TV when rugby is on!

24th February 2009
"Pancake day - I love them. Even when I've had a bad day. It's something that can easily put a smile on my face. This year I ate 6 pancakes (3 lemon and sugar, and then 3 golden syrup). Yum! Today wasn't bad, but I just can't wait for tomorrow - the last day of school for the week and before I head on my wonderful travels to Aberdeen. I just can't wait for the joyous occasion. Excitement is overwhelming."

Some of my entries are funny as I try to write like I'm an author instead of how I might be feeling. Who says "I just can't wait for the joyous occasion?" Me, I guess! Still love Shove Tuesday.

25th February 2009
"Dad became furious, when I accidentally sat on some chocolate buttons and they smeared on the seats. I'm sure his face was a blasting red. Now I think about it, it was funny, but at the time it was scary. I warned him and he was still angry. He had said it couldn't be too bad and was reassured."

I needed to travel down to Aberdeen for my college interview, so that Wednesday involved a lot of driving. I still remember the chocolate buttons incident - hilarious!

I could bore you with more, but I'm not going to. If you like it, let me know and I can write more entries in another post. Hope you found them as funny as me! I tried to not include too many dull entries (as each day of the year was filled and I wrote on A4 pages. Surprised I had that much to about much to talk about). It was difficult time for friendships due to plans to move from a small town in Yorkshire to Aberdeen in the summer.


  1. I kind of wished my mum had kept my school diaries because I would love to read those back x

    1. I used to know them away, but kept them since being 16 x

  2. I still have diaries from years ago and they are so funny to go through! x

    1. I know! I was surprised with some of the things i came out with x

  3. I still have diaries from 2007, i like looking back at them and seeing what i wrote then x

    1. it is great and always a great laugh! x

  4. It's so awesome you still have your old journals! I'm sure it's great to see how much has changed.

    1. it is - sometimes you think you're the same, but you realise how much you've grown and all the good and bad you've been through! x

  5. Ah that's so lush! I never kept a journal! can remember counting down the days to leave school and head off to sixth form though! (here come the hoopers)

    1. Yeah i was so happy to leave school too! x

  6. I should start keeping a diary so I can look back on it and laugh!! Your entry about crutches and falling down the stairs made me laugh. I hope you didn't do it!!

    1. It made me chuckle and was part of the reason i decided to write this post. I didn't - still never broken a bone thankfully. I just wish i had kept diaries older than 2009 as feel they could only have been funnier x

  7. I absolutely love looking back over old diaries as they always make me chuckle. The things which you think are huge in your world then are generally so insignificant now x

    1. They are. I think i was more obsessed with music and how much i hated science than anything that actually mattered. At the time, i felt more mature and more career orientated than others, but suppose i was still 16! x