Monday, 25 July 2016

Sun, Fundraising and Good News

Ok, so I tried the daily posts, but thought that might mean not every post is as interesting as the next. Therefore I will be posting at least once a week, but aim for 3-4 posts in a week. I'm glad that I've stuck to blog-writing. From a young age I've loved writing, and english was always my favourite subject at school. I'm delighted to see that I've nearly had 500 views to the blog, and hope it will continue to grow. If you like the posts, feel free to share, follow and give tips on continued success. Enough of the blog housekeeping, and onto describing what was a lovely weekend!

So the good news!
I'd like to share that on a personal note, things haven't been ideal as I'm still not in permanent employment. However I've been lucky to not have one friend, not two, not three but four friends get engaged this year! Two in February, one in June and one this month. I'm also Maid of Honour to one and Saturday saw me become bridesmaid to a second. Over the moon doesn't seem to fit it. I'm so excited! I think I'm probably rivaling on the same excitement levels they might be feeling (probably not, but I'm ecstatic all the same). What could be more great than realising you've found someone you trust and love enough to promise to spend your lives together? It's very powerful. Most girls dream of their wedding day; not me. I always dreamt of being a bridesmaid. Not sure why. Maybe I never wanted the attention on me, but now I think it shows the ultimate honour as a friend. It shows that someone wants you to be part of one of the happiest days of their lives. Here are the announcement pictures:

Barton Manor
Yesterday I went to a fundraising event by Earl Mountbatten Hospice. As a fundraiser, I've been to many amazing charity events.I went thinking this will be a big family event for children on the most part, but left thinking it was great and that there was something for everyone involved. Here are my pictures from the day, and a little bit more about what was there.

These are some of the pictures I took of the beautiful scenery at the open garden event. We had a little walk around the grounds, but looking at the programme of things, they had English Heritage's historical tours of the grounds. It might have been nice to know a little more about the historic grounds, but I'm happy with the experience I had all the same! 

This was 19th year that Earl Mountbatten Hospice were able to fundraise with this incredible open garden event, which boasted a range of activities for kids including: children's arts, crafts and entertainment by Starlight Boutique and Creation Station IOW. There was much more for kids as well, but I also bouncy castle and balloon animals been made. Unfortunately my parents said that a woman, who has had Pimm's can't also ask for a balloon animal! Maybe I will have children on the false pretense that the animal is for them...

My parents argued that I was only there for the Pimms Summer garden bar. This was the first time that the garden bar had featured at the event, and think it was a big bonus as it added something nice for adults too. The two men who served added extra comedy to proceedings from joking that they'd sell the jug to us for £12 and the stirrer for £1. Only yesterday, but I've already forgotten their funnier jokes which had one parent in stitches! The Pimm's was lovely and the first time I'd tried it! (that I remember at least).

The event also included the Big Sing, which we weren't too interested in seeing as a family. I might have liked to see what the music was like, but not sure if it would have been my taste. It was led by acclaimed music director and choirmaster, Hannah Brear. Brear is known for her work with the BBC and with West End directors and individuals including Fatboy Slim and Russell Watson.

Earl Mountbatten can be admired for collaborating with other Island organisations, Haven  Falconry and the Donkey Sanctuary. The Donkeys were there and were loved by many children who queued to brush the donkeys. A big kid at heart, I loved to see this well-loved creatures and see how looked after they were by the Sanctuary. As I want to go to the sanctuary as I continue to learn about the island, I was delighted to see them.

Any of my friends and family will tell you that birds creep me out. I can't explain why. Maybe it's the fact that Aberdeen seagull attacked me for my sandwich, or the fact that I've seen the Hitchcock film, Birds. Either way I don't like them. I could think of nothing worse than holding them, but looking at and admiring the beautiful birds is great. I think it's something else that many children loved, but adults too! Here are pictures of the two owls and two birds they had.

The event had beautiful stalls inside the premises and outside. From pop-up shops, activities to get involved in and stock I suspect from the hospice shops. They also had the fun activity of encouraging visitors to add to a watercolour painting. You were then to sign it and make a bid in the silent auction. I got to do it, so the winner gets my beautiful signature from the person who nearly painted the house with blue instead of the sky. I've never been that good at Art! Annoying since I've always loved going to craft stalls, going to art galleries or doing arty things. It just doesn't amount to much when I get involved...

We ended the day with some lovely food from their BBQ and returned to the dogs who I missed. I'm not used to being at outdoor events and not being able to take them. I missed them!

The Hospice Major Event Fundraiser said prior to the event, "Barton Manor really has become a firm family favourite and has grown every year. This year looks set to be bigger and better than ever, so we are hoping that support from the Island community will be just as fantastic as usual." I can promise you it was! It was so great that I would encourage anyone on the island to visit the open garden as it is truly beautiful and all for a good cause. I know I want to go back next year. I've not heard if they have made the £10,000 they expected from the event, but will update the post with the total when I know.

Hopefully I can update you with more good news as I have two job interviews this week, and a few blog posts on films I've been watching to pop up.

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