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Isle of Wight life

Recently I moved to the Isle of Wight and feel like I'm still adjusting to it. It's very different to any of the Northern part of the UK. It's funny how much. I thought I'd dedicate this post to showing you a bit of the sights I've seen on the island, and describe some of the key changes and adjustments to living here. Hope you enjoy!

1. It is so hot!

Some of the pictures don't do it justice, but it's mostly bright blue skies with no clouds in sight. Even when it rains, it's like rainforest showers. I moved in April, and my parents moved in January; they said even in the winter it was warm. My mum got sunburn then, and has even had sunburn with clothes. This week will experience temperatures like 34 degrees. Nothing I wear at the moment is sun friendly. I'm prepared for warm, but this is like being in France or Spain. As my mum kindly reminded me, we are closer to France than Scotland now. I'm not moaning really. I want to enjoy it, but I think my holidays will be cooler climates. Maybe Norway? Iceland? North Pole? At least my ghost white complexion might change!

Picture: 1) The sun outside my garden 2) I got my hair done today, so thought I'd model in the fine weather! 3) Nearby park in the fine weather 4) My phone's hourly temperatures yesterday, although I think it's highest was 34.

2. Big on using Wight or island in every item

From businesses to products made here, the majority of things include island, isle or wight in the name. Island roads, Wight bay, Wight drones...these are just a few that come to mind. They can also refer to the mainland as the big island.

Picture: Gin that I spotted in Osborne House.

3. Different parts of the island are big on farming

When I first moved to the island, my parents were living in a part called Gurnard, which felt very remote. It is a town outside of Cowes. There wasn't much pavements where we lived, and I often went on walks with my mum and the dogs; this is where I'd take lots of pictures from the nearby farms and fields. I have lots of pictures of cows, el pacas, and anything I could come across.

Pictures: 1) Cow I named Priscilla 2) Alpacas that cared for chickens nearby 3) Raven the cow, who appears to be up the duff! 4) Tractor

4. The pub grub

Here is a picture from a nearby pub when I was living in Gurnard. I had macoroni which is one of my favourites, but it had fish in it too. It was quite nice, but my favourite macoroni to date is in Dundee! Ham is popular here instead of gammon which I love to have when I go to pubs.

Picture: Mac and cheese with garlic bread and roast dinner I believe?!

5. Shanklin

This is hugely popular for tourists who visit the island. I've only been once with the folks and had lovely ice cream. Here are a few pictures I took whilst there!

Pictures: 1) Shanklin 2) Shanklin 3) Ice creams!

6. Newport

This is the main town of the island where most of the retailers and businesses can exist. For a small island, it has most of what you'd need - Card Factory, Cineworld, Topshop/Topman, Monsoon/Accessorise, Pandora, Poundland, H&M, New Look, TK Maxx, Next, Peacocks, Boots, Superdrug...They even had a BHS, but that seems to be closing. Islanders are hoping it turns into primark; I hope it does because I think it could do with Primark or a good department store. Newport is also where the Isle of Wight festival takes place.Most activities including crafty things and exercise is good here. As I discover more of the island, I hope you find out more about this bigger part of the island.

Pictures: Only picture I've taken in Newport, and it is of the swans outside Quay Arts.

7. Yarmouth
We visited Yarmouth, but we weren't sure we visited the right places because there wasn't a lot there. I've since seen that there is Yarmouth castle that people might wish to see there.

8. Ventnor/Godshill

This is another popular place with tourists, and is beautiful. I would definitely recommend visiting this lovely part of the island. Here are more pictures that caught my eye. It has a miniature village which I didn't visit in Godshill but had lovely specialist shops including those that sold handcrafted ciders, fudges and chocolate. I got my Dad some lovely cider fudge for his birthday.

Pictures: 1) Cider barn in Godshill 2) Dinosaur outside miniature village, Godshill.

9. The Needles

Again, I've only visited once. It is busy during the summertime/ peak season. I think that is why we will probably choose to avoid it now. I got my lovely sand elephant from it. This is where Queen Victoria collected the different colours of sands. Such good fun to do! Some people got more conventional containers like little pots, heart-shaped pots, but what's the fun in that? There are also bear, cats, rabbits and other animals...I can't remember them all. There are like fairground bits for kids to do. I also missed the time but you can watch like glassblowing being done. There are huge amount of souveirs there to buy because this is popular with tourists too.

Picture: Sand elephant I got from the different colours of sand.

10. Osborne House
This is one of the first places I visited when moving. It is the palatial holiday home on the IOW for Queen Victoria and Albert. It includes a tour of their private apartment, bathing beach, children's play cottage and amazing views. There are often events on, so it's worth going for that too. Food is so overpriced though! (If you're peckish after looking round, I'd suggest going to the Lifeboat which is also in East Cowes. Lovely there). My grandparents wanted to see it, so my mum and I occupied them, while my Dad was working. It is well worth a visit!

11.  Windmill

Little to be said here, as this is only really interesting to me. I love windmills, so I forced my dad to drive and look at the only windmill I'd seen on the island! This is in Bembridge. It is owned by the National Trust, so it will cost you to visit. I didn't get to go inside.

Pictures: Both the best pictures I could get!

12. Ryde

Again I've only visited this place once, but it is lovely. It has a pier and a few shops like Newport in some ways. It has the Liz Earle shop (which originates on the island), New Look and a few independent shops worth giving a look. We went on a Sunday, so a lot were shut. I would recommend a mooch round though!

Pictures: 1) Liz Earle shop in Ryde 2) Ryde and view of the pier.

There are still so many things to see and do, that I haven't and hope to explore here. I'd love to see more animals and wildlife for instance including the Butterfly World, Donkey Sanctuary, Isle of Wight Zoo, Owl & Monkey Haven and perhaps more. There are also arts and crafts I want to try (I love creative stuff but I'm not very good) such as pottery barns and Quay Arts which seem to be popular. I've also mentioned going to the Garlic farm, vineyards and there are  festival or two I wish to see. Cowes week is popular, so I hope to go during that next month.

I will keep you posted if and when I visit anywhere else. Or there might be a more updated post to this in a few months time when again I'm more settled.

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