Saturday, 16 July 2016

Favourite memes and pictures of the week

I'm always liking funny pictures on facebook; it always cheers me up. To spread a bit of joy and laughter, here are a few for you.

1. An example of how a caption can make it a little bit funnier.

2. With the popularity of Pokemon Go, I found it really funny.

I only wanted to feed the ducks!

3. Got to love a good cat meme...

4. Because I'm often assumed to be pregnant when I put on weight...

5. Maybe I find this funny because I could imagine one of my dogs doing this...

6. Me - 9/10 times I wash my hair!

7. I hope when I have a child, she/he is as funny as this!

8. My attitude to being healthy!

Hopefully I can get into the swing of healthy eating and exercise eventually.

9. Best excuse for not meeting someone!

Sorry I can't come out tonight, I have plans.

10. Strangely accurate to any argument

11. Mostly accurate except I think I'd drink any wine I had

12. How observant are you?

Took me ten seconds longer than I thought to see this wasn't all beard.

13. Too funny!

14. The struggle at the gym!

15. Wow! No words for this one.

In conclusion, I like a lot of animal things. This doesn't include anyone's personal posts or I would include that a 4th close friend got engaged this week. This means that of my closest and dearest I have 4 engaged friends and 1 married. I feel old! Or I'd include a throwback to me graduating two years today I believe.

Anyway, I hope these made you laugh or smile as much as they did me.

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