Friday, 24 March 2017

Taking a break!

It fills me with a bit of regret, but think I might be taking a long break from blogging. I thought about leaving it at my last blog post, but hate leaving things unfinished.

Basically I don't have the same passion for writing the blog. I have lots of ideas but no real interest/idea in adding to it. I've been feeling hugely overwhelmed. 

I write as I think, but then I need to check over grammar, find suitable pictures, upload, then promote on 4 different facebook groups, promote on twitter and facebook. Then I might need to communicate with bloggers (which I love doing), but sometimes it is a bit much for something that is just a hobby.

Before I leave, I thought I'd finish with some updates:
1. As part of my Popsugar Challenge, this month I've read 3 books - Lee Evans, Red Dust Road and I am Malala. I'm currently reading the Colour Purple and keen to finish it before the month is up.

2. I found out this week that I've got a job in  my chosen field - finally a year after continuous trying. I'm overjoyed! 
4. I got my hair done. New colour and an inch off! I also love when she puts waves in my hair because I can never do it the same...

5. I visited Woodbridge with the family this week - having lunch and having a little drive around

Pulled pork is a favourite at the moment!

6. I went to Norwich and explored a little this week
My favourite picture from the visit. Hopefully go inside one day...

7. I ordered more DVDs and already started watching them day before yesterday.
8. Purchased 3 books at bargain of £1.50 (great for even a charity shop)

9. Got stuck into exercise - aiming to do at least 30 minutes of walking 5-6 days a week, and then 3 x 30 minute yoga a week and 3-5 times of doing tummy exercises. I'm noticing a real difference and it has even improved my energy levels.
10. Continuing on with driving lessons. I've learnt that through trying 3 other instructors none have taught me the basics. After about 2 and half years of learning (with 8 month break - and yes, I could have had a baby in that time), I still had never been shown a parallel park until last week. I'm still nervous, but feel I'm learning to do things on my own more instead of continuously waiting for my instructor to confirm what I should do.

Anyway, that is me. I'm done. Goodbye for now, but I think boredom will bring me back to entertain you with more positive, funny and interesting posts. I just know I need a break. I hope you've enjoyed reading! 

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  1. Thtilled to hear about the job, hope it fills your expectations. And the hair looks great. x